Do yourself a favor!  Always prep the night before your hike.  

Some helpful reminders:

1. WATER:  Always bring plenty of water and everyone must carry their own. 

2. CLOTHES: Layered clothing is encouraged, as temperatures can change drastically from early morning to afternoons.  Consider the cooler temperatures of higher elevations.  Hiking shoes and good hiking socks are strongly encouraged. 


3. SNACKS: Fruits, nuts, trail mix and power bars are always a welcome treat on the trail.  We generally do go out for lunch after each hike.  Remember to always take your trash home with you. 


4. KIDS AND FAMILIES WELCOME!  Sorry that no dogs are allowed on the club hikes.  Kids under 12 must have prior approval from the Fitness Director to join the hikes.  Kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult


5. PARKING AND ENTRANCE FEES: Some parks require a fee/car or fee/person.  We will try to ensure everyone is aware of these situations so that we have the right change with us.  Please bring your National Park Pass if you have one!


6. CARPOOLING:  Carpooling can be done at individuals discretion/choice.  However, Hike Club will not facilitate carpools starting in March and while COVID-19 special considerations are in effect.


7. MEDICATIONS and FIRST AID:  Please pack your necessary medications, as appropriate.  Hike club leaders have first aid kits and are certified in first aid.  All hikers are encouraged to come prepared for  situations - and you can impress and help aid all your hiking friends with less than $10.  See Amazon.

8. WAIVER FORM:  We request that each hiker sign the waiver form for each hike (see top of page).


9. HAVE FUN!   Remember to look UP often to take in the beautiful views - and ENJOY!