Chiricahua National Monument

You Won't Want to Miss This!

Our 2-day Trip to Experience the Chiricuaha Mountains -

It Is Going to Be An Amazing Hiking Experience! 

The overnight hikes are ALWAYS a BLAST and an ADVENTURE - and give you an opportunity to really get to know your fellow hikers too!  If you are interested in participating, please JOIN US!  We will have sign-up info. at the Fitness Centers and here - and we are HAPPY to discuss plans so you know well what you are signing up for!


WHERE: The dramatic Chiricuaha Mountains in Wilcox, AZ.  The WOW of the fantastic & dramatic landscape at the Chiricuahas compares for many of us to the Grand Canyon! 


WHEN:  We will have a fun-packed itinerary of some of the best hikes ready for you for April 2-3.  Many of you will want to add a day to get in more hikes and sightseeing. We are fully supportive of this and will coordinate group plans and carpools accordingly. 

Here are more details, and please do not hesitate to Contact US  with any questions!



> APRIL 1: (for those seeking more advanced hikes), this group will leave 6:30am Monday.  See details below.  


> APRIL 2:  Lets meet at the Visitors Center* at 10:30am.  If you are meeting to carpool from Persimmon, Lets meet 5:45am and leave promptly at 6:00am (and miss some traffic).  Please let us know if you will meet us there or if you will carpool from Persimmon that morning so that no one is left behind.   We will then drive over to the Echo Canyon Trailhead for a 3-4 mile easy and fantastic hike to see the “Wonderland of Rocks”.  See BELOW map with green highlights. We'll grab dinner together that evening.  Bring a favorite beverage for Happy Hour too!  


* The Visitors Center is at 12856 E Rhyolite Creek Rd, Willcox, AZ 85643.  Please CALL one of your HIKE LEADERS IF you may be delayed for any reason!


> April 3: We will all grab breakfast together (free at the hotel!) and get in another great hike (see trailmap below with pink highlights).  We will either leave cars or take a shuttle and hike Maddie Pt-Heart of the Rocks-Visitors Center (and one way only).  This is a 7-8 mile, easy, mostly flat, gorgeous hike (includes Inspiration Point)!  After the hike, some will head home, some out for more fun, and some will stay another day (or more).   


STAY LONGER - PLAY MORE!:  Your Hike Club leaders encourage hikers to take full advantage of the trip to the Chiricahuas and hope you will consider some of the additional activities in the Tucson area!  You may want to extend your visit before/after April 2nd-3rd. 


Some great sights to see include the Kartchner Caverns, the towns of Bisbee and Tombstone, the Pima Air Museum, Tucson's Oro Valley Country Club, and MUCH MORE.   Many may want to stop for a spa day, a round of GOLF (or two!) or just lunch and some sightseeing at our sister ClubCorp center near Tucson!  See below for more info! 

Finally, for more info. about the many great hikes at this national monument, Please CLICK HERE.

SMALL FEES: While all of the day hikes are no charge, the seasonal over-nighters include a $65/person charge to cover the expenses for planning/facilitation/hike leaders/etc.  You will also incur your hotel cost (~ $80/night, see above) and $25 fee to your carpool driver (or you collect if you are the driver).  

STAY OVERNIGHT:  We strive to all stay together and (in this trip) the lovely Holiday Inn Express of Wilcox, AZ.  Please click on the image (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE) to get hotel info. and please note 'Anthem Hiking Club' when you make reservations so that you get our reduced rate!



> APRIL 1: This smaller group will leave 6:30am Monday and stop on the way down and hike Romero Canyon Trail. This is a 5.5 mile hike with 1,300 foot elevation.   We will stay at the hotel (in Wilcox) Monday night.

> APRIL 2:  We will hike the Crest Trail to the summit of Flys Peak and Chiricahua Peak.  These two peaks are part of the Arizona 20-20 challenge, which are the 20 highest hike-able peaks in the state. This is a 15 mile hike with 4,130 feet of vertical, so it will be challenging: if you are feeling fit, we would like you to join us!  We will return to the hotel for a well-earned Happy Hour and Dinner with the rest of the hiking group. On April 3rd, we will join the hiking group in for the gorgeous hike thru the hoodoos.